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Looking to grow your business in 2018? Here are our top tips for success

02/01/18 | Advice & Guidance, Business

Are you looking to start up a new company in 2018 or grow your current one? We have thought threw a few of our biggest learning’s from 2017 and compiled them into a few tips for you to consider before you get into action in 2018.


Vision and Purpose

The first thing to consider is your vision for what you are building and your purpose for building it. Why is your business going to exist in the first place, what made you choose the business model you did and who is it for? Your vision will not only get you up every morning, it will also build your belief, drive and determination.

Having a clear vision to where you are taking your business and what your ultimate goals are will provide you with a clear idea to what you need to do and become to build a sustainable and profitable business.


Be your hardest working employee

This one is simple, yet often easiest to forget. If you are starting up or already have a business that has matured over the past few years you, you always want to be the hardest working employee. Hardest working does not mean sending the most emails, and dishing out the most orders. But being an interactive and fundamental part of the core business. If you are a one mad band, you must focus your energy on the money-making activities and worry later about ordering nice stationary.

Many businesses have hundreds of ideas, which end up costing valuable time and resource, the key is to focus on your core idea, constantly validating it and building upon it over time. Remember no business starts with a finished product.


The fear of success

Starting up with a new idea is probably the most exciting feeling for an entrepreneur, you are buzzing about a business that hasn’t yet formed but the idea keeps you awake each night.

Naturally fear kicks in when you start to experience success, you will face questions and experiences you may never have dealt with, and may undermine your own success. Now is the time to face the good and the bad with a strong mind and determination for steady growth and keep to your business strategy.


Developing yourself

Every successful entrepreneur we have spoken with, haven’t got there by accident. It has taken hard work, persistence and personal development. Whether your business is yet to make profit or has already reached a 6 figure turn over, educating your mind and skills is crucial to becoming a great leader and entrepreneur.

Where to start?

Evaluate your skills and knowledge gaps:

  • Is there an industry you want to break into that you don’t know enough about?
  • Do you need to hire and want to work on your leadership skills?
  • Is your current industry evolving?
  • Do you want to digitalize your business?
  • Money Management

And so on…

Evaluate your mindset:

  • Do you have any fears holding you back?
  • How do you approach situations?
  • Time management


Wherever you need to develop the key element to remember is ACTION. Take action, learn from mistakes and celebrate all your successes. We wish your every success in 2018.





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